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UK based hospitality representation.  Let's grow together.


MAKAW was conceived in 2022 by Kate Warburton. Born in the UK, Kate has worked and lived a global existance, working in and setting up hospitality businesses in Europe, Africa and Latin America.


Now based back in the UK she has set up MAKAW to connect independent hospitality and lifestyle properties and ventures to the UK market and beyond.

We offer on the ground representation for your business to cover sales as well as client liason. We know you can't always be available in every time zone to respond quickly and efficiently to every industry agent. We are here to provide the bridge; an extension of your in-house team in Europe.

Click below to find out more about the services we offer.

How we can help you


Hotel Sales Representation

An extrension of your in-house sales team, based in the UK, we will make sure your brand and your property are fully updated to UK based travel and tour operators. Through personal visits and online presentations, all the best operators will have your property front and central within their sales teams.


Trade Show Representation

We will represent trade shows on your behalf. Either as part of a regional presentation or as individual representation we will do the leg work for you and act as a UK contact for sales and marketing.


Fam Trips

We will organise industry fam trips on your behalf and make sure you have the most relevant sales teams come and visit your property to drive growth in your area. When possible, these will be accompanies fam trips.

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